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The opening for this is tonight at Gallery 16. If I can’t make it, hopefully I can recruit someone to cover the event because even though the idea is pretty great, it could turn out to be a bust.

This is taken directly from the Gallery 16 site:

SONNY SMITH: 100 Records

Gallery 16 is pleased to welcome San Francisco based artist, musician and playwright SONNY SMITH to his first solo show with the gallery. 100 Records is a dauntingly ambitious project that bridges his interest in art, music and dramatic form. Smith invited 100 artists to produce artwork for the record covers of fictional bands. Smith concocted the personas of all 100 fictitious bands, then wrote and recorded two hundred songs (the A side and B side) for each. On display at the gallery will be all the original album artwork as well as a jukebox that plays all two hundred songs recorded by Sonny Smith and other notable musicians. Artists include, William T. Wiley, Mingering Mike, Chris Johanson, Reed Anderson, Jo Jackson, Harrell Fletcher, Chris Duncan, Tucker Nichols, Paul Wackers and 91 others!

There’s even an official “100 Records Blog” here.